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growing every day!

i measured maya yesterday- it was the first time i could really get her stretched out- and, while i am admittedly not as experienced as the midwives are at measuring a wiggly baby, i think i got a pretty accurate length.

maya is 21.5 inches long! she has grown two whole inches since she was born! we just can't believe how fast she is growing.


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three week checkup

maya had her three week checkup with the midwives at andaluz yesterday and is a confirmed strong, happy, healthy girl! her weight is now 9 pounds 2 ounces and her blood tests came back fine, so no horrible diseases lie in wait.

can you believe that she is almost one month old? soon she will be holding her head up (she already does for short periods of time- strong girl! she's working those muscles!), figuring out her hands and feet, and gurgle and coo at us.

she found her fists in full force this week, and is happy to suck away at them when she is quiet and alert. sometimes she is able to isolate a finger or a thumb, but right now it's mostly the whole fist!

oh, how fast she is growing! we keep looking and looking at her, reminding ourselves that she will only be this tiny once, and this is our time to enjoy it. babyhood is so very fleeting.


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maya is two weeks old today!

the best thing- we are being graced with fleeting smiles and intent gazes that we treasure. our baby loves us!

she has been a little fussy with gas, and mama and daddy try everything to make it better. some nights are a little hairy, but she usually sleeps from 10pm-1am, eats, sleeps until 4am, eats, sleeps until 7am, eats, and then takes a little nap until 8am or so. generally she is awake and alert for the 9 and 10 o'clock hours, and then more snacking and napping throughout the day. ah, the life of a baby!

she is also very strong, and works her legs and arms all the time! her grasp is amazing and she makes many attempts at lifting her head when she is upright on our shoulders. what a strong, healthy girl! we can't believe that she has only been on the earth for 14 days.

rob has been my lifesaver- walking her in the sling when i am exhausted and need to sleep, or when i just need a few minutes to take a hot shower! he brings me water to drink when i'm nursing and makes me meals (and spends quality time with maya so i can eat them!). he continually supports me emotionally. and yes, folks, he really does change diapers! he is a wonderful, wonderful father. maya adores him and so do i!

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the rose festival children's parade went right in front of our apartment building today! rob and maya and i went down to watch. there were lots of marching bands and more children than i i have ever seen together in one place!!! what fun! maya slept right through it all in her sling with her daddy. Posted by Hello

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all we need is love

i have to admit, there was something that was really worrying me about maya being born.

i was worried that rob would love her more than he loved me.

now, lest you think that this is a horrible thing for a new mother to think, remember that we have been married barely over a year. and i'm madly in love with him. and, frankly, i didn't understand the true nature of love. real love. love with a capital L.

because what happened the moment that she was born was that i instantly loved maya more than i had ever loved anything before. and interestingly enough, i loved rob more than i had ever loved him. my love expanded and grew and multiplied to cover them both with exponential amounts of love. love is everywhere in this little apartment. rob loves both of his girls to abstraction, and we love him abstractedly back.

in fact, i just love everyone more. my own mother, for instance, who has been absolutely invaluable to our little family in the days since my first contraction, supplying us with food, cleanliness, and yet more love. my father, who believes that maya is as perfect as rob and i think she is. everyone who has loved and supported and thought of us. strangers who look at maya and tell me that she is beautiful.

love is a little like silly putty. it stretches further than you think it will, bounces to greater heights than you think it can, and is able to pick up beautiful images that surround it.

as the wise man once said, love is all we need.


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white is the new black

why my oh-so-practical black outfits are no longer oh-so-practical: baby spit-up. which, as everyone knows, is white. also, breastmilk, which is also white, and dries into some type of impenetrable crust, creating papier-mache cones out of bras and shirts. all of those very stylish black shirts that are so great at hiding the few extra pounds are about to be forsaken for any light colored, easy-access top i can find, and honestly, these are incredibly few in number. i have become, over the years, a nearly exclusively black-wearing person, so now i'm living in nightdresses (thank you, mom and karen!) and non-practical black outfits that once were so chic.

there must be a better way. and don't tell me those bi-level nursing clothes, which are just mommy geeksville. gah!


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